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[Childrens Sleep Story] Goodnight Sugarloaf Bush Babies

January 10, 2021

Our story takes place in the ancient land of Australia, where I will introduce you to a few of my very special friends who live in a very special place – by the banks of Sugarloaf Creek.  


Together we will explore the secret places of Sugarloaf Creek, where we will tuck into bed and say good night to some of the most cutest, happiest and snuggliest of creatures you have ever seen. These odd yet cute little critters are called The Sugarloaf Bush Babies.

Bed time stories are a magical thing, something that has been around for thousands of years to help little children everywhere…. fall and drift…..into a deep deep nights sleep.

Bed time Stories are a magical way to end the day. For they envoke a sense of wonder and imagination within. And it must not be forgotten, the magic of bed time stories are not just for little children, for anyone can be enchanted by their charm.

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