The OM Collective: Find Your Calm

Guided Meditation For Self-Worth

March 26, 2021

All too often we question our self-worth and own inner knowing when we choose to  measure ourselves with our own past experiences and other people. Dis-empowering ourselves we often measure our future and our own self-worth based on what’s happened to us in the past.

We have all at one time or another allowed our headspace to be filled with thoughts such as Am I worthy? Can I trust in my own inner knowing? Am I good enough? And so forth.

This negative mindset does not serve you, not only does it make you feel miserable, but it becomes a road-block for happiness, inner peace and overall health and well-being.

Truth is, that there is nothing you can do that can diminish your own worth. All your experiences and choices – the good and the bad – the right and the maybe not so right –  are all the reasons why you are who you are today.

Yes, just like the rest of us all, you have made some bad choices and mistakes. There are probably things you wish you didn’t do or say. There are probably even things you wish you did say or do. And chances are there are things you wish you could take back and do better.

Just because you have made mistakes does not mean you are not worthy. Just because there are people out there who may deem you unworthy – does not make you unworthy.

In todays meditation we are going to take a journey ‘into the self’, connecting with that place within you that only knows love, peace, self-worth and self-trust.

Becoming self-empowered and having self-worth can happen in a moment. For all the love, healing and wisdom you need has been with you all along, it resides within you as you, and all you need to do is learn how to connect with it.

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