The OM Collective: Find Your Calm

Guided Meditation To Connect With Your Own Creative Muse

April 12, 2021

Today we are going to take a journey together to reconnect with our own creative muse within. In all our busyness and getting lost in all our doing it is easy to disconnect from our own inspiration and creativity. Maybe you have the ideas within, but you cannot find the inspiration or motivation to act.  Or maybe your mind and life is so cluttered and busy that you cannot process your inspiration and creativity therefore making it hard to bring it into your own reality. Or maybe you are tired, weary and worn down and have no creativity or inspiration left within.

It’s okay…and completely natural and normal to feel like this.

Often uncertainty can overwhelm you… and mindless busyness, anxiety and stress can drown out the voice of your own inner creativity.

When dealing with creativity it is easy to have moments like this… moments where you feel blocked… stuck… not able to tap into your own creativity and let it flow into your work… into your life…

Harnessing creativity requires a mindful choice to slow down, de-stress and quieten within. Today we are going find that quiet space within so that you can hear the voice of your own creative muse.

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