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Soulful Conversations: 4 Pillars Of Wellness + Thriving With Cancer With Karla Perez From Sweaty Girl

March 25, 2022

Today's guest on Soulful Conversations is Karla Perez. Karla is the founder and integrative health coach at

In 2018, Karla was diagnosed with breast cancer and even though she already lived what she would call a healthy life the diagnosis invited her to go deeper into her own wellness journey. And during this journey, Karla began to thrive. And is Karla's platform and sacred offering where she shares the Sweaty Girl method that transformed her life.

The Sweaty girl method is a four-pillar approach to complete well being and wholeness which incorporates the mind, body and spirit. Karla and I talked about her four pillars which are nutrition, yoga, breath movement and wellbeing. We also talked about resilience, self-care and the importance of removing negativity. We also went into her upcoming retreat.

The more that you feed and strengthen your body, mind and spirit with positive fuel and nourishment is how you become more resilient. Karla says:

How will you strengthen your body? You will eat nutritious foods, whole foods, good food to make your body absorb nutrients and build strength so that you become resilient to disease, infection and germs.  You move your body. You breathe slowly and deeply to oxygenate your body.

How will you strengthen your mind? Feeding yourself positive thoughts, positive affirmations and looking at yourself in the mirror and saying to yourself that you can do those things and you will succeed.

How will you strengthen your spirit? You have to be able to let go of negativity. Release resentment. Release anything that doesn't serve you and in return accept love. Accept forgiveness.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope that you do or so thank you for tuning in.

You can connect with Karla for a retreat, as your wellness coach or just simply check in with her online for a dose of inspiration. She can be found at:

Instagram: @karlaperez_sweatygirl



This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.

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